Sunday, February 8, 2009


Our government will be looking for ways to get you to spend money to stimulate the economy and they will be spending your tax dollars to stimulate the economy, so be a good Canadian and buy a home!!
Richard, Red Deer realtor

For a $300,000 home, a family would need an annual income of slightly less than $50,000. Monthly principal and interest payments would be $887 and $1,330 respectively. "At Jayman, we have lowered prices substantially as we move through our excess inventory," he says.

"We are selling home at close to cost and below replacement value," says Westman.

Jay Westment, President of Jayman


Kevin said...

Don't know whether it's worth pitying any poor sap who get suckered into Jaymans promotion or not.

Sure, everything is peachy as long as interest rates stay at record lows, but there is a reason those are known as "Exploding ARMs".

People should really ask themselves why a builder is offering such teaser rates... and if they don't come to the conclusion that they want these units off their books before the market declines further, I guess they'll get what they deserve.

Carioca Canuck said...

People are not going to buy or borrow if they feel that their job in not secure.....regardless of the current low rates.

And, rates are going US treasury bonds for your indicator.....they have gone up from 2 to 3% in roughly 30 days. And they are only going to go higher....which means that our rates will have to follow if we are going to attract anyone to buy our debt, in the face of higher US rates.