Thursday, December 3, 2009

Street view

Sheldon and Sara have setup streetview on their Edmonton Real Estate search site. I heard about Google street view awhile and was looking forward to the day I could take a virtual stroll around Edmonton.

Anyway here are some notable places I visited today.

Garner Andrews, a morning DJ of the nearby Sonic radio station always brags to be broadcasting from Edmonton's used hubcap district. Here it is.

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Next is Edmonton's very own giant bat. Some might think I am posting this ironically, but this is not the case. Edmonton is among the greats in the Giants of the Prairies.

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While trying to get a good view of a more conventional landmark I couldn't help but notice this vintage turquoise mystery building.

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Feel free to link to your favorite Edmonton locations in the comments.

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Carioca Canuck said...

The "vintage turquoise" mystery building looks like it is of a 50/60's vintage, judging by the architecture and color scheme that is the same as various 50/60's places we have here in Cowtown that are identical and of that period. IMHO it was either government or medical offices at one time.