Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spotlight Calgary Herald

From the Calgary Herald March 1, 2008
Calgary resale market seen as 'self cleaning'

"International investors are definitely buying. Calgary and Edmonton real estate is hot in Europe and the U.S., more than I've ever seen before in all my years involved in real estate. The top banks in Ireland, for instance, are buying here. They see it as safe, secure and good for the long-term, compared to other options."

I am skeptical of this quote from Don Campbell. Have Americans really been taking their losses in Real Estate, limited access to credit, weaker dollar and purchasing more expensive Real Estate here? In record numbers? What are the names (plural) of these "top Irish banks" and what have they bought here? I really want to know. This surge in international investment is not supported by recent sales numbers.

From the Calgary Herald March 1, 2008
'Breather' for market

It is already happening, says Tim Crough, a realtor with Prudential Toole Peet. "We're starting to see the starter home market pick up, predominantly in condos, but also lower-end singles."

So the starter market has been picking up as well as activity among international investors? This contradicts recent numbers indicating Calgary condo sales are down 37% this February compared to 2007.

From the Calgary Herald March 1, 2008
Hot properties

When you're considering a price under $300,000, it's hard to believe there'll be wood floors and traditional wainscoting.

Those architectural details are usually present in higher-end homes, but this little charmer in Falconridge, priced at $299,998, sports several nice touches.

The 950-sq.-ft. bi-level home has one bedroom on the main floor and two more in the developed basement, along with a bathroom, laundry and furnace rooms and a recreation room -- perfect for the teenagers in the family.

The dining room is set off by wall-to-wall smoked mirrors and patio doors that lead to a large backyard deck.

(followed by MLS listing number)

This article is showcasing individual properties listed on the MLS (complete with listing numbers). This is not an advertisement, which they have many in several different inserts. Life at Home, New Homes, New Condos.

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