Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th - Fear Mongering edition

Some highlights from today's Labour Force Survey.

23, 700 jobs lost this month in Alberta
28,000 full time lost with a gain of 4,200 part time jobs
Unemployment rose 1.0% this month and 1.8% over last year.

Last month the Edmonton Real Estate Blog linked to a post from Chris Davies highlighting that only 200 jobs were lost in January in Alberta, which showed a contrast between Alberta and eastern Canada.

However now looking back over three months it appears that the January report did not indicate any sort of trend as the month previous and this month's numbers show a more rapidly deteriorating job market.

Report Month total / full-time / part-time
December -15,800/-19,900/+4,100
January 3,300/-200/3,600
February -23,700/-28,000/4,200

Report %unemployed
November 3.4%
December 4.1%
January 4.4%
February 5.4%

1 comment:

squidly77 said...

28,000 lost full time jobs is very sad
there were 19 week days in feb so 28,000 jobs lost in 19 days equals
1,475 daily and since the reported rates always look back we can assume that so far in march we have lost an additional 14,750 jobs eliminated..very sad for those effected

alberta is the dream that never was anything but just a dream

its a harsh cold province