Saturday, May 7, 2011

Edmonton Stats April 2011

The REALTORS Association of Edmonton released their monthly stats here and overall they show weak sales and normal level of new listings.

The preliminary number for sales held steady with 1487 in April compared to an initial report of 1503 in March. Normally, sales are expected to increase this time of year. Preliminary sales are at scorched earth level, which is equivalent to the worst six months of the financial crisis.

Listings are rising at a normal pace for spring.

Seasonally adjusted rate of sales have been low for a year following a bounce after the financial crisis. I assumed the final number for sales will come in about 7% higher than the preliminary figure.

Seasonally adjusted listings have been stable since a spike last spring.

With lower sales and stable listings on a seasonally adjusted basis the sales to new listing ratio fell to 47%. A ratio lower than 50% indicates a market with downward price pressure.

Finally a historical chart of actual sales, listings and inventory.

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