Monday, April 18, 2011

Alberta Population Report Q4 2010

The Alberta population report for the Q4 2010 was released last month here.

On a quarterly basis Alberta's population grew by 0.21% in Q4 2010.

7,249 natural growth (births - deaths)
2,510 net interprovincial migration
4,633 net international migration
-6,725 net non-permanent residents (!)

The exodus of non-permanent residents was offset by international and interprovincial immigration.


squidly77 said...

One stat that's never published is the international migrant outflow, it's a negative sum game or a 1 for 1 deal. They fly in they fly out, most work at your local Timmys, Wendys or Canadian Tire, good people for sure but they add little or no value to our economy, what hurts is the inter provincial outflow, there are now more opportunities in provinces other than Alberta.

As I type, this is the first time that Alberta has not an a energy related mega-project under construction since 1997, Kearl Lake is a mini mouse.

DaBull said...

I found these tables from Stats Canada. If you look back to the mid-80's people where leaving Alberta in droves. This time around not so much.

DaBull said...

Here is a table including 2009 stats.

The complete report with all tables.