Saturday, December 6, 2008

Upgraders - Statoil update

The list of upgraders can be found here in the Alberta Industrial Heartland section. There has been some recent developments regarding these project and I have done my best to consolidate them in a list.

Shell Scotford Upgrader Expansion 1

under construction

Shell Scotford Upgrader Expansion 2

Strathcona Refinery

completed - thanks squidly!

Sturgeon County upgrader
(Fort Hills Petro Canada/UTS/Cominco)

Fort Hills upgrader joins delayed list

BA Energy Alberta Heartland Upgrader
construction halted

North West Upgrader
"waiting to further finance"

Synenco Energy Northern Lights Upgrader
From what I can figure out it doesn't look good*

Statoil North American Upgrader
delayed two years*
Update: Statoil looks at shipping bitumen to U.S.
The Norwegian company said in a statement it withdrew a regulatory application for its upgrader in Alberta's Heartland region due to "prohibitive construction costs, the state of the global economy, an uncertain oil price outlook and lack of legislative clarity."
Total Upgrader
delayed two years?*
Update: The Calgary Herald has a list of projects delayed, canceled or on hold. It lists the Total Upgrader as "on hold". I'll post their list in comments.

*More specific information regarding these projects would be appreciated


squidly77 said...

the surest way to determine what if any upgraders will be built is to keep your eyes focused on the mine mine no upgrader

going into the future it appears that the odds of any further upgrader capacity in the edmonton area is highly unlikely
the emphasis seems to be on pipelines so that the product can be upgraded elsewhere

the msm is just so full of it
all they were doing was giving people a false of sense of security
in as far as employment was/is concerned

tar pit activity has noticibly slowed down..some trades are experiencing increased and unwanted unemployment for the first time since 1998

to further peoples frustrations
there continues to be thousands of foreign workers still employed
and massive amounts of labour are being flown to and from eastern canadian cities
employing albertans appears to be a low priority in the eyes of ledcor and flint

anyhow there is no activity at any mine site at this time although there are still a few employed at fort hills

Strathcona County's victims of the credit crisis

BearClaw said...

From Calgary Herald article
Oilpatch loses another upgrader

Oilsands projects delayed or dead - Shell canada's 100,000-barrel-per-day carmon creek in-situ oilsands project near Peace river: regulatory application withdrawn; - Shell canada's 100,000-bpd athabasca oilsands mining project expansion, Phase 2: decision delayed until costs come down; - Fort hills $25-billion mine and upgrader, proposed by Petro-canada and two minority partners: mine delayed, upgrader on hold; - Suncor energy's $20.6-billion Voyageur expansion: delayed by a year; - long lake integrated thermal oilsands project, Phase 2: Partners nexen and opti canada delay until next year a decision on twinning the $6.1-billion first phase; - total canada Joslyn mine and upgrader:mine delayed, upgrader on hold; - north west Upgrading's $4.9-billion redwater upgrader: on hold pending financing; and - Ba energy heartland upgrader: Partly built and then abandoned.