Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quote of the year

2008 quote of the year goes to the chief economist of the Canadian Real Estate Association. The following statement appeared in the Calgary Herald regarding Calgary real estate. [emphasis mine]
"It's clear looking at the data that I'm looking at, that in terms of the prices, they've stabilized," he said. "Anyone expecting a continued decline in average price will be surprised and disappointed."

Gregory Klump, July 16, 2008

I think this takes the cake because it comes from the CREA's chief economist who makes assertions with such certainty without explaining to the public what data was used or how he came to his conclusion. The confidence was there without any reflection on what was said in the past.

Anyway I update the chart a had posted earlier this year. Enjoy.


Carioca Canuck said...


condohype said...

We're in the same boat in Vancouver. At around the same time as the Klump quote, the chief economist of the BC Real Estate Association said there was "no indication" of substantial price declines.

Today, prices are off 14.8 per cent. This is a $84,000 haircut for the benchmark home as compared to prices seven months ago.

squidly77 said...

at one time you had a link on one of your posts i think it was a CREN
link that showed hundreds of crap condos that were being held off of the MLS so as not to drive prices down
i cant find you know where it is ?

BearClaw said...


Thanks for commenting! I read your best-of list and it was excellent. A lot of great material in Vancouver. I think you guys need a top 100. What about Ian Watt? Or Rennie holiday Christmas ad telling people not to engage in negative speculation. hahaha
I would buy a book of the Vancouver Housing boom and bust it will be historic.


I don't know if that site exists here are some related posts.

squiddli77 said...

Bob T wants you to do 2009 predictions as he thinks that you're a joke (that's how he feels about you).

Why don't you prove him wrong?

I'd say that calgary/Edmonton will both bite the dust at a rate of -15% this year minimum. More if there's a torrent of desperate folks listing for the spring un-rush.

basterdizes ohter blogs [B.O.B] said...

good one realtor slayer --

i mean bob t.

BearClaw said...

realtor slayer,

I find you name offensive. Get a new handle and stop trolling.

Also, BT is just creating a diversion.

squidly77 said...

trumans attack on you
shows his desperation and points out that he is definitely in financial peril
hehejeje..laughter and joy as the the king pom pom real estate shamster goes down the finacial drain
at least he wont clog up the cross country ski trails next year

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