Monday, August 2, 2010

False Certainty

This condo ad represents a low in marketing with a self-serving view on future appreciation. (emphasis mine).
When our prices return to 2007 levels (and the rebound is just starting)- your equity appreciation should be at least $25,000! This gain on your principal residence will be tax free.
It is troubling because the choice of words implies a certainty which has no basis. Not only is there a false certainty it also wrongly describes the current market as the 2009 rebound ended 8 months ago.


BearClaw said...

Found the ad from squidly's comment on his blog.

squidly77 said...
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squidly77 said...

I'm a big believer in the future of Alberta, which is why I dislike the real estate industry, they want it all now, like right now and damn anyone that disagrees with them, they are willing to lie, cheat and distort their warped and self serving interests at the expense of any Albertan.

They're in it for themselves only, they care little about who they may hurt in the process.

In their greedy minds, its all about your money going into their pockets, Alberta and Albertans be damned.

Carioca Canuck said...


It's just as sickening as all the condo builders with their "SOLD OUT IN 2 DAYS" full page ads in the Calgary Herald from a couple of years ago......said condos are just being finished today, with tons of places for sale both by the builder and private vendors (I thought they were sold out) or are still holes in the ground (I thought they were sold out) never to be finished in this decade.

SBL said...

Squidly says "They're in it for themselves only, they care little about who they may hurt"

What did you mean then when you said this:

"you are responsible for the mess your in don’t blame me don’t blame the realtor blame yourself"

or this:

"if your a stupid buyer..whos to blame..not the realtor
you are"

one more:

"the fact that people were greedy is not your fault
you never forced anyone to buy"

Those are all quotes from you and there seems to be some inconsistencies. Perhaps you could elucidate?

Do you feel it was the realtor's fault if Bernard Callebaut bought real estate at the peak and is now in bankruptcy?

If people make a profit when selling their home, should the realtor be entitled to a portion of the profits?

SBL said...

Squidly says "Alberta and Albertans be damned."

You seem to be advocating that sentiment yourself when you say things like this:

"it's going to be fun to watch this pig unravel."

“and i laugh in your face”

“thy are gonna lose it all and that makes me smile”

“face it..your not the smartest card in the deck..”

“Screw the suckers!”

“i feel pleasure as they experience pain”

Those are all quotes from you. Perhaps you could expound on what you were thinking when you said them?