Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Garth Turner Makes up Numbers

From It doesn't love us back:
(90% of new mortgages are for 35 years)
The CAAMP survey indicates this is more like 30%.

From Cowtown moment:
Exacerbating things was a recession which knocked oil prices down, increased unemployment everywhere (it’s now a chilling 10% in the GTA) and actually led to a decrease in Calgary’s population last year.
Calgary's population increased by 6,060 last year. There was a natural increase of 10,214 combined with a net migration out of 4,154.

Toronto's unemployment rate is 9.2%.

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boopronger said...

Anyone can skew stats to make a point. In Garths case it is so blatantly obvious im shocked more people havent caught on.

Chris Davies said...

It's just crap. Most of the mainstream media's coverage is sensationalist, readership increasing crap.