Sunday, December 26, 2010

Alberta Population Report Q3 2010

The Alberta population report for the Q3 2010 was released last week here.

On a quarterly basis Alberta's population grew by 0.38% in Q3 2010.

8,267 natural growth (births - deaths)
1,155 net interprovincial migration
6,361 net international migration
-1,643 net non-permanent residents

While the Alberta population growth remains positive and higher than the Canadian average it is much slower than the boom year of 2006 due to lower inter provincial migration. International immigration and a higher natural increase has offset this somewhat. This is evident when comparing recent figures with those in 2006.

On a quarterly basis Alberta's population grew by 1.12% in Q3 2006.

6,400 natural growth (births - deaths)
16,729 net interprovincial migration
4,775 net international migration
2,795 net non permanent residence

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