Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I became a landlord thanks to the CMHC!

I'm like totally a savvy investor! All i had to do was pick a crib and post the goods on the craiglists. CMHC hooked me up with the money stash.

I gots me some deposit and the rents right away. I just can't wait until the "equity" starts rolling in.

The ladies dig it when I tell them about my bizness. Sweeeeeeet!


Radley77 said...

Considering rental properties would only earn a measly 4% (even if you did not require a mortgage), I can only see this as pushing Alberta real estate markets towards the ninth inning. Try googling "buy to let UK".

BearClaw said...

I agree - the momentum is pretty much done.

I am worried about what would happen to a renter's deposit if they end up handing it over to these clowns. Is the landlord gonna have deep enough pockets if any repairs come up?

CMHC mandate