Sunday, October 21, 2007

Edmonton Real Estate Board June 2007 press release

The EREB modified their June 2007 press release on their website without any information of what correction was made.

Here is the statement as it was initially released on EREB website.
Sales remained strong as buyers took advantage of a wider selection of homes available. At the midpoint for the year 13,282 residential properties have been sold through the MLS® valued at almost $4.5 billion. That is 1,712 more properties than the same time last year. Single month sales in June were up 20% from last month and 15% from June 2006.
Which is still found at the end of the second paragraph at Real Estate Weekly:

The new version has the bold text removed and is found here. Note how it was removed instead of being replaced with the accurate information:

Single month sales in June were down 20% from last month and up 1% from June 2006.


Radley77 said...

August Stats
September Stats
You can see the sales to inventory ratio there (absorption rate). CREB cleverly changed the labelling for September Stats to "balanced market." You will notice if they used August' yardstick instead of September's yardstick they would be categorized as not in the "balanced market" zone.
By the way, excellent idea for a blog!

BearClaw said...


Thanks. Ill post about that next.