Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Edmonton Comfree Mystery Stats

On the Comfree monthly reports there was something called the "Sold to Listing Ratio". For Edmonton in August this was 58%. Looking at the report I have no idea where this comes from.

New Listings = 788
Sales = 237
Total inventory = 2927
Sales/New Lisitngs = 30%
Month of Inventory = 12.3 months
That sounds a lot worse than 58% sold to listing ratio! Also worse the 45 days on market stat they used.

In September this stat was changed to "Sales Success" and was 50%. It remains mysterious:

New Listings =613
Sales = 201

Sales/New Lisitngs = 0.328 = 32.8%
Total inventory = 3423
Month of Inventory = 17 months

Wow! 17 months of inventory at current sales with Comfree. Thats a meaningful stat.

Edmonton Monthly Reports

A side note:
It costs $699 to list on Comfree in Alberta but only $399 in Australia! After currency conversion thats $350 CAN.

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