Saturday, February 2, 2008

What the MSM is serving.

The article Women lead revolution in home ownership serves up the 'conventional wisdom' of home ownership with little analysis.

Atkinson fits the profile of individual Canadian women homeowners who are single, financially savvy and most likely to purchase a condominium, according to a new national poll released Thursday.

"I never wanted to rent because I figured it was a waste of money.

Seven in 10 Canadian women homeowners bought their properties as a "good investment," with 29 being their average age when they made their first purchase.

Michelle Atkinson, 26, who entered the real estate market 21/2 years ago, is part of an emerging demographic of women who are single, financially savvy and opting for condominiums.

"With more and more Canadian women marrying later in life or remaining single, we're seeing the emergence of the young, financially savvy woman who's taking on the commitments, joys and responsibilities of owning a home," said Joan Dal Bianco, vice-president of real estate secured lending for TD Canada Trust.

"Right across the country, they are investing in themselves and in their futures by becoming homeowners, and in doing so are strongly reinforcing their financial and personal freedom," she said.
Do not let these empty assertions from the financial industry influence you. Try to separate information from catch-phrases and then do the math yourself.


Anonymous said...

They had an article very similar to this in the US a while back...I reckon it must have been very very close to nailing the top of their bubble.

Carioca Canuck said...

I am better off renting according to this calculator. But I already knew that.

Seems like they are picking their demographic targets wisely....women are nesters....they need to own something even if it means they will be in debt forever.

Women think emotionally....rarely are they logical or inteligent enought to analyse this decision. It feels good to they do.

And the 20 something's currently doing it, are not yet old enough, or wise enough, to either know about or remember 1982. They are also the first hit by a recession.

BearClaw said...


Come and talk about real estate but lay off the tired stereotypes.

I didn't want to imply that women getting into homeownership was necessarily done for the wrong reasons. In fact the women mentioned in the article has done well for herself. I just wanted to emphasize that decisions should be made by independently looking at the information not the 'conventional wisdom'.

Radley77 said...

Great post bearclaw.

I think it's a good idea for some people to review a list of logical fallacies on this website:

Logical Fallacies

Some of the logical fallacies I identified in this article are:

Appeal To Common Practice
e.g. 7 in 10 bought properties as a "good investment"

Appeal to Authority
e.g. by quoting vice-president of real estate secured lending for TD Canada Trust

I'm sure there are more that people could point out...

Carioca Canuck said...

Marketing targeted at the foibles of the various sexes is not new.

I have been holding off my wife from buying RE for years now....tooks months of facts, logic and reason to get her to understand what we are talking about on these blogs and to break the "nesting" cycle inherent in females.

Many of these people in the article did not look at information independantly.....unfortunately.

Having been a salesman for 20 years I have seen it all.....many stereotypes are true. Nothing wrong with it....they are being taken advantage of....plain and simple because of it.

Advertising and marketing is an interesting subject study in subtle manupilation when you start dissecting it.

BearClaw said...


For women it's nesting and for men it's ego.

Anonymous said...

Since when does debt equal financial and personal freedom. Debt = Freedom??? This is BS for sure. Why do people buy into this??

PS thanks for the great blog!