Sunday, February 24, 2008

Latest Market Figures?

One of the benefits suggested of using a REALTOR when buying or selling a home is access to sales information. As a buyer recent sales of comparable properties can be used to help determine a fair price for a particular property. However how can one be sure ALL the information is available? Consider the following from about some Edmonton apartments:
Prices int his building normally range from $199,900 to $214,900 for a 2 bedroom and $178,900 to $188,900 for a 1 bedroom. He is asking us to sell these first 10 units at $155,000 for a 1 bedroom and $165,000 for a 2 bedroom.

We WILL NOT be reporting these sales to the MLS system so that these sales don’t bring down the values of the buildings.
So in the future when showing these apartments from this building REALTORs do not have to mention those pesky discounts sales. God forbid a buyer making an informed decision with an accurate sales history! That could bring down the value of a building!

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Carioca Canuck said...

Aren't "professionals" supposed to be "ethical" ?