Monday, September 1, 2008

Timeshare Revealed

Came across this website from a regretful timeshare owner. Have a look.

I remember when my wife and I went to a timeshare presentation to get the free gifts. A couple of marketing ploys I remember:

  • They place a sales representative beside each couple during the video to prevent dissenting opinion.
  • The use a complex point system to book hotels. This is designed to prevent the buyer from understanding exactly what they are purchasing.
  • Of course they use high pressure sales tricks. Such creating an artificial urgency to buy today and today only.
  • Also, the gifts were disappointing. Not that I should be surprised but the camera was pretty much garbage. We did not use the hotel before it expired.


Anonymous said...

just google timeshares complaints
theres tons of info out there
its been going on for ever
windemere invermere and canmore are the worst of places to buy any thing and timeshares are a definite no go

Anonymous said...

creb august report