Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What's New (Calgary)

The number of unoccupied single family homes on the market increased from 893 last January to 1355 this month. Condos went from 393 to 808. Those numbers have increased substantially.Vacant Listings

Sales of single family homes will be down 30% from last January. Condos down almost 40%.

Sales of condos this month should turn out to be very close to the long-term average. Since 2001, we've averaged 437 condo sales in January. As of Jan 27 this year, there are 375 sales. This is despite a population increases of 12.4% between 2001-2006 and a booming economy. Population Growth

Single family home inventory has grown by an average of 28 homes per day since Jan. 7. There was a sharp drop after Dec 31 due to expired listings.

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