Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 review

The MLS Rent vs. Buy calculator which had always advised to buy has been removed. See original post.

Edmonton Real Estate Board removes false information from their June 2007 press release without correction.

Confusing Comfree sales statistics sold to listings change to sales success and removed afterwards.

Calgary Real Estate Board spinning seasonality and changing graphs but nothing too overt.

Edmonton Journal uses quote from 2005 'Bubble Watch' study in 2007 article. The 2005 study referred to Edmonton not being a bubble before prices doubled. Small two line correction put into print afterwards but not online. See article and the study from 2 years earlier.

Alberta mortgage brokers encourage not reporting income as described by revenue Canada and setting up illegal basement suites to GIT-R-DONE.

CMHC encourages gambling.

Cheers! Have a safe and happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

right on bear
they are the usual suspects
and they act with much suspicion

the best housing video yet

the creb and ereb and chmc are a slimy bunch

all the best in the new year

Radley77 said...

I am SHOCKED that MLS finally got rid of the rent vs. buy calculator that said "You should Buy!" regardless of the input. Good to see they finally took it off. Excellent job on helping keep MLS accountable. By the way, I was wondering how I could send you a graph of inflation adjusted house prices for Calgary for your website?


Radley77 said...

Hey, I found a website I can upload photos. Would you want to host this on your site as I don't know when Imageshack will pull this from their website?


Calgary Inflation Adjusted House Prices

Anonymous said...

new creb monthly report out
your gonna have a hay day with it
they have lost all there past inventory data..honestly
and the graphs are laughable


BearClaw said...


got the graph, thanks!


The CREB does have a funny definition of 'stable'.