Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quote of the day

From 15 real estate myths and realities:

Generally though, British Columbians, and Lower Mainlanders in particular, are pretty savvy about their property, the experts believe, with so much information out there about real estate, between Real Estate Weekly, the real-estate sections in newspapers, the realtors' Multiple Listing Service posted online and Home and Garden TV.

People in Vancouver are saavy because they listened to Realtors and HGTV!?!. I'm sure if more people in the states did that they would have absolutely no problems right now (sarcasm).

I know this is not Alberta, but this come from one of CanWest Global minions, the Vancouver Sun. It just reinforces how those set of newspapers are 'pro-establisment' and lustful for juicy ad cash. Other posts examining CanWest previous doses:

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Update! (thanks tulipboy)

It appears the Vancouver Sun had "technical difficulties" with their comment section. By "technical difficulties" I mean the comments were overwhelming negative and are now disappeared.

Here is a link to some of those cached comments and the discussion has also been moved to Vancouver Condo info. Keep in mind the Vancouver Sun have the same overlords as the Edmonton Journal and the Calgary Herald, which makes it relevant to post here.

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TulipBoy said...

Found a cached version of that Vancouver Sun article with the comments still available. Pretty negative sentiment from readers.